Floret Protector wins Terraria Journey’s End Vanity Contest Honorable Mention


Check the post thread on terraria forum here!

Clearly, the Terraria Community went with a very clear theme when you look at our First and Third place winners – and while we did want to honor those selections, we felt that having a bit more diversity in what makes it into the game was the right way to go. So, as we told you on the livestream – we will do the Top 3 and beyond that, we will do what we want.

With that said, we are happy to share that we will be adding a Fourth winning entry to our list of champions and also adding this design into the game. It is our pleasure to reward our Fourth Place/Honorable Mention to the very cool and very “Terraria” Floret Protector.

(We seriously still want to know what is animating the dirt blocks in that suit… earthworms?)

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